Family Genograph

The Family Genograph is a new and innovative assessment tool designed to assist nurses at all levels and in all settings in their care of families. Developed by Dr. Fabie Duhamel and Lyne Campagna at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Montreal, the Family Genograph is a specialized stencil to facilitate the drawing of a genogram and ecomap. The pocket-sized stencil is combined with a memory aid to help nurses accurately diagram the structure of the family (genogram) and document the connections between the family members and other significant relationships and systems (ecomap). Five important questions are included as part of the Family Genograph to help the nurse ask useful interventive questions as they effectively care for families.

English, French, and Spanish versions of the Family Genograph are available.
See below for prices (Canadian funds), postage and handling will be included upon invoicing.

Under 100, $7.00 each
100 - 499, $6.50 each
over 500, $6.00 each

Please submit your order via email. Upon receipt of invoice, I will forward you my mailing address. so you can mail your cheque, money order, or bank draft:

Dr Fabie Duhamel

Phone: 514 745 2528

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